How We Learn

Paying attention to the emotions of children as well as their intellect

At Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten, we help children to navigate the everyday social and emotional challenges that young children face, make sense of their internal world, and develop the ability to self-regulate their internal states. This in turn helps them to grow into emotionally healthy young adults, preparing them for a future that is far different than the graduate-hire-retire framework their grandparents stepped into decades ago. Children thrive when they are able to work flexibly, creatively, and cooperatively.


Our Time

Trusting Children to Learn

"If we are too anxious to see the finished product then we do not pay sufficient attention to the foundations, and the building ultimately collapses. Foundations must be broad and deep; they must be flexible; they just compensate for buildings that are under stress. Most important of all, foundations take longer to create than buildings, so it is vital that we resist the temptation to move children on too soon and attempt to build too high, before the foundations of learning are securely in place." - Julie Fisher


Our World

Experiential Learning

Our children spend a significant part of their day outside, learning through direct, hands-on experience of the world around them. Through play they test out theories and expand schemas of knowledge. They take risks, both physically and emotionally. Learning is full of ups and downs - this is what being a human being is all about. The key is learning ways to manage challenge, and to see failure not as an endpoint, but as a key step in working something out. We encourage children to develop a growth mindset, and to understand that perseverance and determination are necessary for achieving personal goals.



Our Community

A child centred approach: following children’s interests

Our focus is on responding in the moment to children’s unique interests. This takes skill and places a high demand on practitioners’ focus and knowledge of each child at NOK. It’s worth it as truly meaningful experiential learning happens when children are intrinsically motivated.

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