Our Story

Since 2015, nestled in an acre of young woodland and meadow at Top Barn Farm, Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten has provided a unique space for children and families. We are passionate about child-led play, developmentally appropriate practice and authentic connection with our children.

Our founders, Helen and Hannah built Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten from the ground up, working closely with families, building a small team of wonderful individuals. Through their work with families and other Early Childhood professionals, the Nature Nurtures approach has developed.


Our Approach

Nature Nurtures

Our approach is informed by a deep understanding of human development. We strive to ensure that our approach reflects the scientific understanding of our time, and meets the needs of our children.

Children - all children - want to be seen. To be heard. They want us to connect with them, and understand how they're feeling. We take the time to do this by listening and observing carefully.

We see children at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten explore the world around them, immersed in an environment that engages the whole being, challenges them to build upon their own individual strengths and interests, and supports them as they expand their knowledge and build their skills.


Nature Nurtures

Our Community

Everyone at NOK wants to make a difference for children and their families. An important part of our work is making connections and building community in impactful ways.

Our vision goes further than our kindergarten. Through our work with Nurture My Way we are exploring how child-led practice, progressive education models and place-based learning can be used in a variety of contexts to support children’s development and reactivate communities. Here are just a few of the things we are doing in the wider world:

  • Our current research and development projects include working with partner schools and universities, and nature-focused organisations and practitioners.
  • We support community action at our gatherings. Parents give generously with their time and money to enable us to support local projects.
  • We work with educators and practitioners to establish their own projects for children and families in their own communities through our work with Nature Nurtures - including a podcast and web series.
  • Our vision also includes sharing what we’re discovering and learning with parents and educators through our talks and training programmes.



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