Are you looking for something a bit different? We have an exciting opportunity for an Early Years Apprentice.

Join our fantastic team. Based at Top Barn Farm, Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is set in a unique woodland space with adjacent meadowland and the farm park.

Who we are looking for:
• Love working with children
• Lots of enthusiasm
• An excellent communicator
• A people person and team player
• A love of early years pedagogy
We want you to become part of an innovative approach to early years education.

We care deeply about our team and work hard to identify individual skills and areas of interest. We offer ongoing internal training and mentorship, and support towards further qualifications.

Job Description: Please read our Apprentice Job Description
Closing Date: 31st March
Setting Type: Day Nursery - open 8.00am to 5.30pm
Where: Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten, Top Barn Farm, Holt Heath, Worcester, WR6 6NH
Personal Qualities: Love and enthusiasm for working with young children and being part of a team, excellent communication skills, flexible, friendly, and approachable
Hours: 4 days per week 8:30 am to 5pm in the setting (with one 6hr paid study day per week)
Salary: National apprentice wage or minimum wage p/h depending on age, qualifications and experience
How to apply: Complete this Application Form
Telephone: 01905 748428

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"Since an initial telephone conversation with Helen, where I was introduced to RIE, I feel that I have embarked upon a new and exciting learning journey. Each step has brought something new to my attention, something to improve my skills for working with children and build a better foundation to understanding and responding to children's needs more calmly. The RIE workshop was amazing and brought home to me the positive effects of slowing down, of respecting children and of listening carefully.

As a direct result of the RIE workshop, we have ditched our family rules and now have only four that we agree will help to shape a positive family culture; 1) No blame, no shame; to help us to be more positive with each other. 2) Play; to help us to have fun and humour together. 3) Respect; to help us develop mutual respect and understanding, we are a diverse group! 4) Listen; to help us to pay our full attention to each other. A quote from Magda Gerber was shared during the workshop; "How we care for our children is how we express our love."

I have begun to adapt my practices to incorporate the RIE philosophy and am eager to work with colleagues who share the same values so that we can develop a super team together and create a truly wonderful experience for the children who attend."

-T, Practitioner