Slowing Down

Slowing Down Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
21 Dec 2015

Slowing down; we try to do this each day, often talking with our practitioners about the importance of this. The background work of reflecting on practice, scaffolding the children’s learning and development, documentation to be written and organised, ideas to be shared and put into action, and housekeeping in the House to upkeep...this of course isn’t slow! There’s a certain energy and speed required ‘behind the scenes’ in accomplishing all of this – we all work hard at this. But our work with the children is another story.

We do our best to consciously slow down, to actively observe, be present and reflect on our work with our children. After all, each moment is important. We work at this every day, and I think we are all getting better at this. Knowing how busy the build up to Christmas can be, we have been particularly mindful of slowing down. The last week in particular we have seen some quiet moments of reflection in the children, despite all that may be going on in their busy lives (e.g. moving house, swimming lessons, visiting Father Christmas and preparing for holidays). This is also why breaks are important.

Breaks are important for all of us. The children work hard every day. Playing and learning, particularly in a group environment, is hard work! Our fantastic Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten parents – they need a break too. They need a break from the morning dash to Kindergarten, organising warm, outdoor gear and tea boxes, doing copious amounts of washing, and the general rush that comes with driving their children to different activities. We practitioners and teachers need a break, a chance to spend time with our own families, friends and doing the things we love outside of our work. And so, as we look ahead to a festive break and an exciting year ahead, on behalf of the whole team, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy the shared moments, and no doubt lots of laughter with your children. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Hannah is Co-owner of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten and manages the business operations. Hannah’s career began in science where she specialised in paediatrics. Her interest in Early Years Education is borne from a passion for research, with a particular focus on the birth to five age range. One of Hannah’s favourite things about Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is seeing the extraordinary development of children in such a rich natural environment. She has a passion for progressive and alternative education. Hannah believes the outdoors offers the ideal environment to foster a life-long love of learning in children. In her spare time Hannah enjoys walks in the woods.

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