The Children Brought Christmas to Kindergarten

The Children Brought Christmas to Kindergarten Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
18 Dec 2015

As we follow an emergent curriculum at Kindergarten which focuses on the children’s interests and the teacher’s it has been so exciting to see what the children have brought to Kindergarten as the build up to Christmas commenced. There’s been laughter and delight as well as curiosity about the shadows and lights we have needed in order to bring light to the longer evenings. Father Christmas has featured (a grandpa, with a slim body and long beard, or a round face and a tall hat), as well as the joys (and sometimes the hard feelings) that come with giving and receiving.

The conversations and debates I have heard children have about Father Christmas and what he means to them have been absolutely fascinating. It’s made me reflect on how important it is for them to lead with this – Christmas means different things to different families.

Wrapping and unwrapping presents, giving and receiving presents has been revisited again and again over the last couple of weeks. A Christmas tree was chosen by the children from one of the many pine trees we have at Kindergarten. As you will all have seen, decorations ensued and twinkling lights. This tree is still standing decorated at Kindergarten, and when we return to Kindergarten in the new year, we will invite the children to help take the decorations down as Christmas will be over; an ending, and at the same time a new beginning to the year ahead at Kindergarten.

Our work over the last couple of weeks at Kindergarten has meant that any connection to Christmas has been left mainly to the children to make on their own, based upon their own experiences and interests. It has been truly fascinating and so much fun.

Finally, I wanted to say on behalf of the whole team a huge thank you to our wonderful Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten children and parents for the generous gifts and kind words. It’s been a fantastic year and we thank you all for your support.

Many thanks and a Merry Christmas to you all.


Hannah is Co-owner of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten and manages the business operations. Hannah’s career began in science where she specialised in paediatrics. Her interest in Early Years Education is borne from a passion for research, with a particular focus on the birth to five age range. One of Hannah’s favourite things about Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is seeing the extraordinary development of children in such a rich natural environment. She has a passion for progressive and alternative education. Hannah believes the outdoors offers the ideal environment to foster a life-long love of learning in children. In her spare time Hannah enjoys walks in the woods.

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