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27 Nov 2016

Experiential learning is something we take seriously at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten. We believe that as human beings we learn best by doing. Take a look at the video for more about Bev Bos - international speaker and activist on all things play in early childhood.



Hannah is Co-owner of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten and manages the business operations. Hannah’s career began in science where she specialised in paediatrics. Her interest in Early Years Education is borne from a passion for research, with a particular focus on the birth to five age range. One of Hannah’s favourite things about Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is seeing the extraordinary development of children in such a rich natural environment. She has a passion for progressive and alternative education. Hannah believes the outdoors offers the ideal environment to foster a life-long love of learning in children. In her spare time Hannah enjoys walks in the woods.


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