Children as Powerful and Able Citizens

Children as Powerful and Able Citizens Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
16 Nov 2016
We take care of ourselves, we take care of each other, and we take care of the place we’re in

This is something I heard whilst on our Progressive Education Tour in Los Angeles this year. I like the simplicity of it and the emphasis on caring. This is something we see at Kindergarten on a daily basis. I never cease to be amazed at the generosity and kindness these children show towards one another.

Even when there are the disagreements, tears and at times, loud shouting and screaming, with the mindful adult present to support and block any physical altercations, the children are trusted to explore and sort through these disagreements. And they do! This trust empowers the children, and because of this we see beautiful moments (enough to even bring tears to my eyes!).

These opportunities for developing and enhancing social and emotional skills are essential, and something that we put great emphasis on here at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten. We are all here, working together within our small community, developing and growing into powerful and able citizens. We see our young children as powerful and able citizens who can contribute to our community now and in the future (this is a concept that can be found in Reggio Emilia teachings).

Now, more than ever, with the major political events of this year, I am reminded of the important work our Early Years Teachers and Practitioners are doing – working together to create citizens who are open minded, respectful to the environment, kind, generous, emotionally intelligent, deep thinkers, supportive of varying ideas and ideologies, and rule breakers ( in the most beneficial ways). These are just some of the attributes we want to support in our young people.


Hannah is Co-owner of Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten and manages the business operations. Hannah’s career began in science where she specialised in paediatrics. Her interest in Early Years Education is borne from a passion for research, with a particular focus on the birth to five age range. One of Hannah’s favourite things about Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is seeing the extraordinary development of children in such a rich natural environment. She has a passion for progressive and alternative education. Hannah believes the outdoors offers the ideal environment to foster a life-long love of learning in children. In her spare time Hannah enjoys walks in the woods.

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