Lantern Festival at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten

Lantern Festival at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
21 Dec 2018

We are celebrating festivals that create a sense of belonging and mark the rhythms of the year. At Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten we have been celebrating some of the Steiner inspired festivals to mark the change in seasons. Olivia introduced us to the Lantern Festival.

The Lantern Festival is celebrated in the Steiner Waldorf kindergarten with the remembrance of St Martin who showed kindness and shared his cloak with a beggar in the depth of a dark and cold night. The meaning behind this story is a man “who was known for his gentleness and his ability to bring warmth and light to those in need” (City of Lakes Waldorf School). This is the heart of the lantern festival - to remind us to help others when we can, to bring lightness into the darkest of times.

At Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten we wanted to invite our families to join us in celebrating this festival and to carry handmade lanterns to light the way. Steiner Waldorf kindergartens see these lanterns as “symbolizing our own individual light” (City of Lakes Waldorf School). In joining together, we can create a beautiful scene of glowing lights, as we spend time with singing and celebrating the warmth in the winter season.

I really love this festival because it brings everyone together to share food, conversation and it has a magical feel.

...“The gently glowing lanterns of Martinmas will give way to the candles of the advent spiral as we draw nearer to the Winter Solstice, showing how our inner light must shine ever brighter against the cold. As nature sleeps, we must be wakeful!”

Thank you to everyone who came along to share this special festival with us.

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