Advent Spiral at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten

Advent Spiral at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten
21 Dec 2018

We are celebrating festivals that create a sense of belonging and mark the rhythms of the year. At Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten we have been celebrating some of the Steiner inspired festivals to mark the change in seasons. Olivia introduced us to the Advent/Winter Spiral

The Winter/Advent spiral is celebrated in the Steiner Waldorf kindergartens. This festival has a beautiful and serene feel to it, with the darkness surrounding everyone and the only light from the candles which the children carry around the spiral with one of their parents. A harpist will often be present in the room and will play as the child and parent walk around the spiral. I will play the lyre during the Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten Advent spiral. The Steiner Waldorf kindergarten celebrates this festival with “quiet confidence, of carrying light in darkness, of sharing that light with others” (City of Lakes Waldorf School). This festival brings our attention back to the calm and joyful nature that the winter season can bring. “Celebrations of light, community, sharing — these remind us to carry the gifts of summer with us into the quiet of winter”. Winter time can be a busy time for many people, making preparations for Christmas time and organising meetings with family and friends. “When we look out into the natural world, we see the opposite of this constant, harried motion. The earth is growing quiet. The plants and animals are storing away food for the cold months or preparing to sink into dormancy” (City of Lakes Waldorf School).

Thank you to everyone who came along to share this special festival with us.

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