Outdoor Play

23 Nov 2015

Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten uses an emergent curriculum, with play at its heart. Magda Gerber sums up our thoughts on this beautifully here.

19 Nov 2015

We are often contacted by practitioners from other settings and researchers from universities wanting to visit Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten. Earlier this year we were delighted to welcome Professor Rory Clark and Professor Sue Baylis from the University of Worcester's Early Years team who were thoroughly impressed with what they saw. They were particularly impressed with our outdoor provision and they agreed with us about the benefits of an emergent curriculum and supporting children with their interests.

16 Nov 2015

For us, being outdoors in all weather is an exciting opportunity for so many rich and authentic learning experiences. This means we spend a good deal of time outdoors at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten. In order to do so it's essential that we all have the necessary clothing to keep us dry, warm and cool. Here is Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten's recommended Winter Kit List for Outdoor Play:

03 Nov 2015

A great piece by George Monbiot. George Monbiot argues that the more time children spend in the classroom, the worse they do at school because our narrow education system only rewards a particular skill set. He says that when you take failing pupils to the countryside, they often thrive – yet funding for outdoor education is being cut. Take a look at the video below.

02 Nov 2015

I wanted to introduce to a movement in the UK aimed at highlighting the gradual disconnection our children are having with nature. In fact this was one of the great driving forces for Helen Reeve and myself setting up Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten (in Worcestershire). Most of us will have seen Richard Louv's book, Last Child in the Woods. He is one of many now starting to recognise that something is deeply wrong. In America, the Child and Nature Network operates under the vision of: "A world in which all children play, learn and grow with nature in their everyday lives." Meanwhile, in the UK, Project Wild Thing stands tall as the social organisation generating solutions and motivation for others to reconnect children with nature.