22 Aug 2019

For some time now we have been building a community. Led by a dedicated Parent Chair and our Manager, Kate Lavender, we are formalising our community interest and involvement within the Kindergarten.

22 Aug 2019

We are set for a national living wage increase. Hurray! However, there is something seriously wrong within the Early Years sector that means that this news is making us sweat.

20 Nov 2017

To mark International Children’s Day 2017, Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten is excited to announce the launch of ‘Nature Nurtures’, a new early years’ conference dedicated to helping children grow and progress organically.

11 Aug 2016

As we come to the end of another academic year we find ourselves saying goodbye to a number of special people and their families. As I look back over the last two years there are so many magical moments that will never fade from my memory. The children that have been under our care for the past two years are children that will never be forgotten. Along with their parents, they were the forerunners of this kindergarten. This is something to be both commended and celebrated!

14 Feb 2016

We are a few weeks into the Spring Term now and it’s been a good few weeks of exciting new beginnings and re-connecting for us and our children at Kindergarten. The first weeks after a break are always interesting; I’ve seen feelings of excitement and shyness about seeing each other again, sadness that some friends have moved on to new schools and are no longer here, happiness and warmth at re-connecting again, and lots of energetic displays of singing and dancing (!).

21 Dec 2015

Slowing down; we try to do this each day, often talking with our practitioners about the importance of this. The background work of reflecting on practice, scaffolding the children’s learning and development, documentation to be written and organised, ideas to be shared and put into action, and housekeeping in the House to upkeep...this of course isn’t slow! There’s a certain energy and speed required ‘behind the scenes’ in accomplishing all of this – we all work hard at this. But our work with the children is another story.

17 Nov 2015

"Although humans are not usually born in litters, we seem to insist that they be educated in them." Katz 1995. Research has shown that mixed-aged groups offer a wealth of learning experiences. We agree.