Parent Voice

11 Aug 2016

We had always spoken to C openly about things, careful to include him, but far from the extent that we have since learning from RIE teachings. This was a lesson we had to learn quickly, when we got lumbered with my series of absences and operations last year.

22 May 2016

For us, learning about RIE in helping C through his emotional growth has been relatively organic. As situations arose where I questioned my actions, or felt any doubt of understanding, I would seek knowledge through Janet Lansbury's extensive archive of RIE teachings.

20 May 2016

One of our first experiences of using RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) was during an awful week long stay in hospital that I had during treatment. It was the hardest week of our lives - I wasn't allowed to have C visit me since I was on a neutropenic ward and the separation was utterly unbearable for us all. While my desperate, heart-broken tears fell daily in my hospital bed, C's desperate, pining tears fell daily in our empty home. Even though he had a strong bond with his daddy, C couldn't comprehend where I'd gone and why I wasn't there. There hadn't been a night that we'd spent apart since he was born, and suddenly we'd been torn apart against both of our wills.

22 Mar 2016

I often think about the day that I sat in our old house, in that pokey, cosy lounge with C just a few weeks old, snuggled to my breast, as I chatted to our health visitor. Super Nanny came into conversation, who I talked of warmly, as a guiding light in child care. Our health visitor did not share the same view, and even that early on, it gave me food for thought, because I valued the thoughts of our health visitor, and she too was a guiding light to me. It opened my mind to the fact that perhaps even though Jo was hailed as an icon in child care, it didn't mean her way was right.