We want to make sure your child has the best time possible at Kindergarten, and that includes staying comfortable and safe throughout the day.

Don’t underestimate the impact of having the right clothing can make. Luckily, we’re coming up to a decade of refining this for our children and have some top tips for you:

Summer trousers – keep it lightweight and loose. Shorts are often a go-to in the summer but the more your child's skin is covered the better, for protection from the sun, ticks, bites, stings, and scratches. Pyjama bottoms are the best and perfectly acceptable here!

Summer tops – we recommend (for the same reasons above) a lightweight long-sleeved top.

Summer footwear – this one is crucial. Please ensure that your child wears well-fitted, secure and comfortable closed toe shoes. From our risk assessments and experience, we can tell you that closed to shoes offer the best protection from sharp objects (think sticks, barks, insects), accidental drops, and branches, whilst also providing the best traction for climbing.

Summer UV vest – we recommend popping a UV rash vest and shorts, along with a towel, in your child’s bag for days when we get the water sprinkler out.

Suncream - please ensure sun cream is applied before arrival Kindergarten. Please supply us with sun cream (labelled) for us to re apply as necessary.

Remember, the right clothing can make all the difference in your child's experience. It ensures they have access to all the wonderful opportunities our kindergarten environment offers.

-Kate and Hannah S