We love this time of year! The weather surprises us and we try to keep up, and the children move into the next phase of their journey with us at NOK. It is such a fun time of year.

The children that are leaving Kindergarten and getting ready for a new adventure, are exploding with energy, confidence and knowledge. We have been working hard at allowing them space to just be and play, and yet also scaffolding learning in ways that make sense to them. The delicate balance of these two ways of being are hard- we spend a lot of time as a team de-briefing and reflecting, supporting ideas, whilst fitting into our framework.

The summer term brings a slightly altered rhythm for the children going to school. Group times shift to support this transition, and we welcome teachers from many local primary schools. These teachers enjoy this opportunity to meet the children coming into their reception year in September.

It is also a fulfilling time, to reflect on each individual child and the journey they have gone on over the last couple of years with us. The team are busy reflecting and writing their end of year reports, sharing stories and memories. It is a privilege to spend this time with children – a time of rapid brain development and personal growth. There is no other time quite like it in life.

The younger children are also settling in and enjoying their comfort level in knowing this place and their friends. It is beautiful to see friendships solidify, children deepening their explorations and looking closely at their world.

-Kate, Hannah, Helen and Hannah R