Amazing Me

Nurture Families' Amazing Me sessions:

This group offers parents an opportunity to take time to focus on their baby without interruption, and to observe their baby engaging with the world around them. When we give babies our focused attention we create a space where they feel seen and secure, allowing them to play and explore with confidence.

Babies on their backs (3 months +) - coming soon
Mobile babies (crawling, standing, cruising, newly walking) - 10:00am to 11:00am every Monday.
Toddlers (babies who are walking) - coming soon.


Key Info

  • Parent-Infant Support
  • Connect With Others
  • Vegan Friendly Hot Chocolate
  • Support Nurture Families' Mission
  • Infant Feeding Support
  • Children's Circle
  • Connect With Your Baby
  • Child-centered Practice
  • Supportive Community
  • Responsive Parenting
Amazing Me, Watch and See:

Additional information

Nurture Families' Amazing Me sessions are facilitated by a specialist parent-infant practitioner. Babies are born to relate, and by observing them in play we can learn about our babies and understand their cues. 

This is a chance to really slow down and enjoy observing and getting to know your baby in a calm, relaxing environment. We will sit on the floor with your child while they play. We will let go of any expectations about what your child might do: your role is to watch and wait for any invitation from your child to engage with what they are doing.

This is a safe space for a small group of up to 12 like-minded parents and babies exploring and learning together.

Sessions are offered in 6 week blocks, with one session per week. A 6-week block costs £36.


Hot drinks and homemade bakes are available to purchase from the Growing Change kitchen on site, with all proceeds going to support women experiencing hardship.

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