Led by two qualified primary school teachers, our Reception Year offers children the opportunity to continue their hands-on, nature-based learning experiences at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten.

We take a project-based and place-based approach to learning. We engage children in real-world learning, giving them a deeper understanding of concepts through relevant and authentic experiences. This can be translated into long term projects, such as planting a food garden, or shorter term woodwork projects that children put together independently, talking through their thoughts with their adults and peers. Taking this approach means that meaningful connections are made across a range of important skills in numeracy, literature, science, creative arts and key social and emotional skills.

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During sessions, children choose from a range of activities, as well as self-directed opportunities for exploring their own interests. They take opportunities to develop skills in using tools through woodwork and bushcraft. A fire acts as the warming hub at the centre of our space, where children can develop bushfire cooking and fire lighting skills. At the heart of each session is the aim to bring opportunities for connection and building trusting and respectful relationships within our community.

Summer Born Children

At NOK we increasingly see summer born children start reception at compulsory school age (age 5). The law is supportive and an increasing number of parents are pursuing this route, for varied reasons.

If you are undecided about whether starting mainstream education at 4 or 5 years old is in your child’s best interests, staff at Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten will be happy to talk through any relevant options you might have. We also have detailed information on the process of mainstream school applications for summer born children. Contact us for more information.

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"Bran has relished the outdoor space that allows him to explore, take risks, and learn how to use his body; the emotional space within which he has grown in confidence, forged friendships, and navigated conflicts; and the freedom to pursue his interests and lead his own play. He explains to me in detail how to make a fire, or how to saw and hammer different types of wood - bushcraft and woodwork are two of his favourite activities at Nurture. But he’s just as happy pottering, problem solving and “imagineering” with his friends, whatever the weather."

-Emily, Parent

"My son already had a love for the outdoors but was socially nervous and hadn’t quite found his “voice”. Now, aged five and about to start school, he’s confident, popular, independent, and absolutely loving life. This is in huge part thanks to Nurture and its wonderful community of staff and families. "

-Annie, Parent


Things to Know

Your child is entitled to a full-time place in school in the September following their fourth birthday. However, your child is not required to enter into education until the prescribed day after they turn five (being 31 December, 31 March or 31 August). This is known as Compulsory School Age (CSA). This means children are able to stay in our Kindergarten programme up until the term after they turn 5 years old. Therefore, we welcome applications from any child whose needs can be met by the Kindergarten and our staff.

Sessions run 9am to 3pm

Registration fee £70


£20.95* - *using Nursery Education Funding, includes enhanced resources consisting of yoga/mindfulness, woodwork, buschraft and outdoor learning activities, as well as creative projects.

Find details on our fees here.